Jamiat E Ishaat E Ahlesunnat Pakistan

About Us

Our Objective is to enlighten the love of Our Prophet Muhammad (صلی الله علیہ و سلم) in every Muslim's heart. Protection of the beliefs of Ahl e Sunnah and promotion of the vision of Imam Ahl E Sunnah Ahmad Raza Muhaddis Barelvi (رحمتہ الله علیہ).

Our Manifesto:

1. Protection of the dignity of The Holy Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), Sahaba and Ahl e Bait and pious Saints (may Allah be pleased with them).

2. Organising and promotion of events like Eid e milad un Nabi ( peace be upon Him),Urs Mubarak.

3. Special gatherings in the Holy month of Ramadan for the sake of betterment of society and to refresh the spirit of islam within every Muslims heart.

4. Provision of written and practical guidance regarding the rituals and requirements of Hajj and Umrah.

5. To initiate institutions for Hifz e Quran and Naazra.

6. To set up an Islamic library.

7. Arrangement of special classes for understanding Teaching logistics (Dars e Nizaami).

8. Weekly classes and gatherings for the guidance and correction of believes and functionaries of people.

9. Introduction and interaction of Ulma e Alh E Sunnah amongst the followers.

10. Free of cost printing and publishing of Islamic books, journals and literature.

11. To build up communication between Ahl e Sunnah and other minded Islamic Organisations.

Jamiat E Ishaat E Ahlesunnat Pakistan

Jamiat E Ishaat E Ahlesunnat Pakistan